Go mobile first with technology designed to give collectors a fantastic experience of your art on any device

Bring Art & Events Alive on Mobile

Our “Omnia” Art Image Viewer helps you deliver a multi-media experience customized by artwork and event. Add separate 'Detail' images to sculptures and 'Video' to performances; tag 'Installation' shots with their location and 'Events' shots with their participants.

Get Smart With Smartphones

The technology truly integrates with advanced Smartpone functions, so collectors can add exhibitions to their diary, use GPS to navigate to galleries and introduce artists and galleries to friends in their address book.

Breathe Life Into Existing Websites

Quickly and easily create plugins for your website and the sites of key supporters, so collectors can explore, share and follow what you do and enjoy a gorgeous, mobile-first experience.

Design Your Perfect Website from Scratch

Customize your perfect gallery or artist website from scratch. Use our inutive website-building tools to add pages for Art, Artists, Exhibitions, Art Fairs, Bios, Agendas and much more. It's all mobile-first, which means it works seamlessly with collectors' phones.

Netflix-Level, Media Management

It's challenging to deliver media, crazy fast, on any device, at any internet speed, on any browser, in any file format, anywere in the world. We use the same platform as Netflix. It automatically re-formats, watermarks, and resizes at lightning speed, delivering a gorgeous experience.

Communicate With Real Impact

Even when on the move, have your entire inventory and agenda at your fingertips. Share artworks, bios, exhibitions, locations and events effortlessly, securely and elgantly with collectors, consultants, galleries and key supporters.


Our unique approach helps your supporters strengthen your community. This keeps your client list secure, while giving collectors vital reassurance.

Collectors Reach You Easily & Intuitively

A chat function is integrated into the artwork, so a collector with a question can reach out to you inutively and you can both discuss the artwork having the full context about it at your fingertips.

Collectors Introduce You to Friends

Grow your following and build your reputation, as collectors use our sharing tools to share their favorite art, artists and galleries with their friends via social media, e-mail and WhatApp./p>

Collectors Follow You & Each Other

Build your reputation as collectors privately follow you and each other, allowing them to gradually learn more about you from their friends.

Google Delivers More Followers

Our website builder codes every element of your website to boost your chances of being lifted to the top of relevant searches. When collectors search for you, your artists, your city or your events, they find you.

Online Allies Support You More Effectively

Online bloggers, journalists and magazines who want to support you can do so more effectively. Share your art plugins with them, so they get gorgeous features for their sites, while our technology on their websites helps you grow your network.


Collectors can share their tastes preferences and needs with you, allowing you to have richer conversations with each other.

Analytics to Prioritize Your Time

Our technology analyzes your interactions with followers to help you identify influencers and supporters; and group collectors by their tastes and needs. We help you make your newsletters, openings and art fairs more effective.

Profile Sharing to Focus Conversations

Individual followers can share their profiles with you. This means you can really understand their needs and have richer, more personalized conversations with them and truly get to know each other.

Features to Drive Dialogue

Quickly and easily create private chatrooms, structured around specific artworks and exhibitions, so you can develop a dynamic dialogue with collectors and help them explore their sensibilities.

Tools to Bring You Together

Events are tagged with locations and dates; and users can share their locations. This means, as you attend fairs and openings around the world, it is easier to arrange to meet collectors, artists, gallerists and consultants in real life as well.